3D printing

3d printing

My personal main focus is on motorcycle prototype parts in varius printing materials and colors.

But ofcourse everything is possible!

Prototypes, art, healthcare aids, gadget addons, logos, emblems, miniatures, tools, replacement parts


Motorcycle prototypes

Just a example of a funtional print within the motorcycle industry. Through Reverse engineering measuring the tires, a set of fenders could be modeled in Solidworks and printed. The proces resulted in 2 fenders stong enough to function and fitting the tire perfectly and in proportion to the design. The reason why using printed fenders instead of sheet metal or aluminium? Showing what the posibilities are for 3D printing within the custom motorcycle industry, this particular design could be created from metal or fiberglass but would be way to expensive and time consuming.

examples of 3D prints

As shown in the slide show above you will vind examples within the 3D printing proces. Design, rendering, CAM coding, test fitment and end using products.